Thursday, December 24, 2009

Red for Me….What's Yours?

It's good to be back home in the blog world. I know I haven't been a loyal blogger lately.
An avalanche of work at school, Croatian language proficiency test, editing my manuscript and other personal issues among others are just a few of a number of nerve-racking hurdles that kept me engrossed and overwrought for the past months. Oh and did I mention about badminton? Yes, my newly found passion. It keeps me fit and a good stress reliever. Whenever I imagine the faces of obnoxious people in my mind while I smash the shuttlecock( odd name for a badmintno ball, isn't it?) boy, that feels so good.

However, there's no excuse for my being slack. My bad! I promise to make it up to you but please don't mention it to Santa as I need my Christmas presents this year badly.

Every Christmas whether we admit it or not, we unmindfully paint a shade of color of our own personal Christmas. With our disposition, moods, temperament, feelings and lifestyles we create an intimate distinct hue that suits our past, present and future. From there, we envision a Christmas theme for ourselves. With our chosen color, we whirl around the color based on our disposition and spirit for Christmas.

Some people think that Christmas has always a constant generic color for everyone.

Not to all.

For those people who anticipate the magic of the occasion, ginger up to decorate the house with Christmas trimmings in advance and making a list of friends to give presents to or those who frenetically count the days before Christmas- are people who paint their Christmases red. As red symbolizes love, the intensity of love resonates to people who chose red evidently share genuine sweet smiles, hugs and handshakes.

Choosers of green color pin hopes in their hearts that Christmas would bring promises of the future.
A hope for healing for emotional distressed or physical ailment. A hope for a better job. A hope to renew broken relationships or a chance to turn a new leaf.

But there's a caveat for green choosers. The green in extreme can be associated with the bad side. So be careful about that. Remember the Grinch's color is green. If you start noticing that you start being grouchy this Christmas with your family members, co-workers down to the store cashier, or giving recycled gifts to friends ( so as not to spend a penny), then you're qualified to print a business card with your name and underneath a title that says " The Grinch Who Stole Christmas".

Those who claim that they have a blue Christmas are those who you need to evade from -if you don't want to contract the blue Christmas fever ( at least better than Swine Fever this year.) People who are emotionally down, unhappy, depressed or melancholic can influence you in a way with your red cheery Christmas mood. Indeed, misery loves company. It's inevitable that we all feel lugubrious at this time of the year especially when musing over our sad past. But Christmas is a joyful celebration of God's goodness to us. And dwelling on our negative feelings can make you feel down or worse still, can pass on the negative energy to the person next to you.

Meeting people who just shrug shoulders and roll their eyes when asked about their Christmas wish and respond with a cold nonchalant "whatever" must have culled white as their favorite color for Christmas. White is known for neutrality, purity and cleanliness. Don't ever think that these people are not into Christmas, as white symbolizes the immaculate color of snow.

Choosing your personal color for your own Christmas aura is entirely up to you. We're the painters, the one holding the paint brush and choosing the color scheme we want to blend for our own Christmas canvas. There's a wide variety of color spectrum to choose from- turning dark red to light or light green with a shade of white is a creative way to play with our own Christmas colors. Do whatever suits you. You can even wear a color that harmonizes with your mood at the moment, if you want. Just don't forget to match it with christmasy bling bling. Which ever way you want it, feel free to do it.

However, if you're scrimping and saving this Christmas due to the current recession, don't ask me about that particular Christmas color....... because I think it's black.

Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year to all!