Monday, April 21, 2014

Things That Matter Most

We usually thank God for healing of physical ailment when our situation seems hopeless, recovery from an addiction when we hit rock bottom, a bright sunny day after long successive months of bitter cold winter, a roof over our heads when we're tired of being a temporary couch resident in a friend's house, food on the table when the fridge is almost empty, meeting a lifetime partner when several relationships failed and ofcourse extra cash for shopping when all bills are paid.

Beyond our basic needs, we tend to overlook at other significant things like doors of opportunities that He opened for us unexpectedly,  people we meet along the way that touch our hearts and  chances we take that didn't make us fall over the cliff.

However, there are things, that are more significant that we take for granted and yet, things that matter most that somehow is greater than the basic needs we often worry about. Here are what I personally count as small blessings and yet important as breathing fresh air.

I'm grateful to God for the golden sound of silence during my alone time  while I amble my  way to work, lounging in armchair in the comfort of my home , the short naps that rejuvenate my energy all throughout the day. The solitude I find when running 5 kms along the busy road, the soft summer breeze that makes the trees sway, a canopy of dainty pink cherry blossoms that brighten up my day, the whiff of freshly baked bread,the loud screams of happy children playing in the garden, the sunrise that reminds me of a new beginning and the sunset that assures that everything has an end and a new day is coming.

These precious moments are ethereal. The alone time that I snatch from my busy schedule gives me the chance to rethink about God's goodness and how His saving grace carried me out from a -would-have-been-catastrophic  repercussions of wrong decisions in the past. God is amazing.

 He always gives us reason to go back to Him  to give Him back the glory for His greatness whether it's the magnificent beauty of nature, a new job or just simply the priceless moments of silence that connects my soul to my maker at any time of the day.

How about you? What do you thank God for?