Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Happy Spring!

Has spring sprung already to where you are at? Here finally I can already feel the spring breeze and whiff of fresh warm air, birds chirping like crazy  and days are unbelievably longer. Though  trees and plants are still budding in my area and not yet in full bloom unlike in some other places. But you will surely feel that a new season has already begun. It has its way of making you know that spring has already arrived.

Life never stops moving. Season change every three months. Situations are not always the same. People change.  Friendships outgrow. If you don't go with the flow of motions of life, you will be left out bitter, hurting and bearing negative energy in yourself and feeling hopeless.  Some people hold on to the past and clutching tons of regrets in their hearts- a lot of I should haves, if I had done this and done that it would've been different. That's total waste of time and emotions. What has happened- happened. It's is done. Finito as the Italians say. Bear in mind that there is always a reason for everything even the falling of a leaf and changing its color in fall. People you meet everyday is not by accident. God sent them to you for a purpose.  So stop reading past pages of the chapter of your life. God is making new chapters from clean slate.

This is why I open myself to the possibilities of new adventures coming my way this season. I may encounter almost same challenges or more difficult ones maybe? or  maybe not.  But one thing I know,  my reactions and decisions to the challenges will be different  this time for a new life new beginning.

Do you plan to do something different this Spring? Well I won't be too ambitious to do something  outrageous. I will start with soaking up some sun as much as I can and catch up with my supply of vitamin D since Winter has been too dark for me. Now, it's time to see the light. Wake up and smell the flowers.

I don't know about you but I will enjoy the unfolding of this new season and bask in its glory for as long as it takes.

Happy Spring everyone!