Saturday, February 15, 2014

Love.... Me, I and Myself

Love is not all about sharing romantic moments with your special someone. It's ideal that you get a bunch of red roses, chocolates , having candle light dinner then making love to your partner till the break of dawn or even after that.

But for those who don't have anybody to share these picture perfect moments with on Valentine's Day, don't fret not just because you are not in any kind of a relationship. Valentine's Day is not only about  loving others. It' is also about loving yourself.

Take time to appreciate your accomplishments. Not only in terms of professional achievements and the amount of work you did for the week, months and even for the year. But how you thrive or even just survived the feat against the challenges of life. From losing a couple of weight  gain, to normalizing your life after a break up or quitting smoking is a moment to celebrate yourself.

I know of an old friend of mine who buys herself red roses on Valentine's Day because she feels like she deserves it. And argued vehemently that she doesn't want to wait for a man to give flowers to her.

 Right, she is. There is no limitations as to how you can make yourself happy. You know yourself better than anyone else. You know what will make your day or what will put a big smile on your pretty face.

 Treat yourself for a spa or an out of town trip or even watch a movie at home or at the cinema or simply pour a glass of wine and worry about getting tipsy later. Who cares about getting tipsy on a Friday night, anyway?

Be kind to yourself. You are your self's best friend. You can't love your future partner if you don't know how to love yourself.

As for me, I just prized myself for a quick run today. I breezed through a 6 km run feeling the fresh wind touched my face on a 14 C temperature. Endorphins that kicked in soon after made it so much better. My spirit soared and left me  feeling  good , energetic and joyful throughout the day.

What I feel inside will manifest with how I look on the outside.  I did this because I love myself. If I can do it, you can do it too.

 Nobody would love yourself better than you do.

Happy Love Month!