Sunday, March 29, 2009


My Romance Short Story is now featured on “Enchanted” a newly published book containing a compilation of entries to the short story writing contest in February 2009 on a Be My Valentine Short Story Writing Contest. The book is now on sale for $8.24. For your book orders, please check out World Wide Association of Writers’ website

Story Title: Winter Dream


A light romantic love story that involves a vibrant career girl, Amberly who travelled to Europe on a business trip and unexpectedly got stranded at the airport because of a Snow storm. Little did she know that this grueling experience of waiting for her flight back to the States is a blessing in disguise. Her ho-hum life started to change drastically after an unexpected special romantic meeting that eventually marked her future.

Friday, March 20, 2009


Have you been feeling feverish or struggling with inexplicable tiredness? Or a sudden swing of clock pendulum mood that shifts from blissful temperament at one moment then ends your day with crestfallen feeling?

Does this experience of an abrupt change of mood make you feel crabby at work that make your co-workers brand you as one of the people that they can’t stand? How often do you make mistakes on your shopping decisions or picking dingy clothes instead of bright and vibrant colors. Do you flounder unexpectedly when you do your writing?

Good news to all and sundry. If you can’t find any source of this enigmatic changes that’s overwhelming you, then, blame it on the weather.

Weather has been the most convenient excuse people use for almost everything from common embarrasing blunders to the most trivial unthinkable faux pas such as fumbling at work, ordering the wrong dressing for your salad, sleepless nights or simply having a bad day? It’s the weather, as they always say. I hear this everytime from people uttering the “maybe-because- of- the-weather chant like a mantra sans the lotus position. Why blame it on the weather? It’s easy. You can get away with it without pointing a finger to others or to yourself at least no arguments or altercations with anyone.

Poor old weather-always gets the receiving end of the people’s condemnation. But hey, something has to take the blame, right? Not yourself, not anybody. I’m sure the weather won’t take it personally if you do.Whatever kind of weather it is, it doesn’t matter. People still preceive it as a yardstick of how our mood and disposition will turn out for the day.

So, if you think that I’m not making any sense on my blog today, I say, maybe it’s because of the weather.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Smart Spring Break Ideas for Family Adventures

Blogger's Note: If you're residing within Europe area, you may visit Croatia's suggested beautiful places for your Spring family adventures. This article was reprinted from TLT's school newsletter.

Spring is already beckoning. Since we’re expecting a lot of sunshine, warm days and a pleasurable ten day spring break you may have already been planning for your spring family adventures. To save you the trouble of racking your brains resolving how to keep your family attuned with nature, here are some savvy ideas for creative and productive family activities for the spring break.

1. Take a Spring Nature Walk:
A quick out of town day trip in Lika’s Plitvice and Eco Selo in Samobor in Croatia, provide a complete lush greenery to trek on. After a long nature walk, lay your picnic basket on your blanket on a green meadow and enjoy your lunch on a warm sunny day.

2.Zoo Visit: If you feel that you got enough of Maksimir Zoo, try Eco Selo in Samobor a good place to discover where your little ones are allowed to pet farm animals.

3.Flower Arts and Crafts: During times, when you feel that you need a break from outdoor activities, stay at home. Do some arts and crafts in your dinning or living room. You can do some picture frames, posters or book marks out of dried flowers, leaves, twigs and tree barks.
Display your finished products on your child’s bedroom as a souvenir for this year’s spring indoor activity.

4. Travel Light: Take a short trip to Croatia’s popular destinations such as Dubrovnik, Split and Pula. These famous places in Croatia are not jam-packed with tourists during this time of the year. Take advantage of this season as you may not have the chance to do so in summer.
A quick trip to Italy and France is not a bad idea at all. Whether you’re relishing your toothsome gelato or spinning around on a roller coaster at Disneyland, Paris, your kids would be most excited once they see you pack your bags. Just remember to travel light.

5. Blow Some Bubbles: While gardening, leave a bucket filled with water, glycerin and soap mixture to make your children occupied and engaged. This bubble solution will surely do the trick to make your kids to stay quiet- at least for the time being while you’re gardening. For a variety of bubble making activities and tips, you may check out this site:

6. Bake Some Gingerbread: The best recipe that we recommend the one we have tried and tested in our cooking activity. Please see shared recipe in the newsletter. Just one tip, if you want your children to give you a –wow-you’re-the-best-mom-reaction, make sure you use a gingerbread man shaped cookie cutter. They love imagining gingerbread man story while munching cinnamon smell gingerbread man.

7. Fly a Kite: Windy days are the best time to fly kites. Kites do not necessarily be store bought. You can make your own kites by improvising Japanese colored soft paper and bamboo barbeque sticks. For more details about the procedure of making a paper kite, here’s a site to help you out: When kite is ready to fly, go to an open field and fly your kites away.

8. Squirrel Feeding Day: Before you take a stroll in Maksimir or Ribnjak Park, make sure that you fill your pockets with walnuts. While sitting on a bench, you can spot some squirrels scouting for food. Make those walnuts ready incase, your little cute furry friends crossed your path.

9. Make a Date with the Stork: When I say this, I mean literally date with the stork. In Prekmurja, Sisak a small village called Mala Polana is known to be a stork breeding place. It was given the European Stork Village award in 1999 for nurturing a healthy habitat for 9 breeding pairs of stork. So if you have a passion for bird watching, this is the place to be. Keep your binocular handy.

There is more to family outdoor adventures than just mere fun and enjoyment. Special moments of bonding with your family nurture love and relationship. It does not matter whatever activities you choose. Go for it this spring break. Remember that a family that plays together, stays together.

Have a wonderful Spring break!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

What Was I Thinking?!

I hope that there’s a tv show that features how people fumble showcasing everyday’s awkward, unconcious moments of silly, stupid and clumsy mistake, if there’s a tv show just exactly like that? - I think I could be their main star of the show. Mind you, not a regular guest but a main star of the show. And if there is a show similar to that that I don’t know about, producers should contact me immediately as I can give their show the highest rating ever.

Today, I’m going to boldly admit a blunder that I did to myself (thank God that no persons or animals got involved!) the unthinkable and almost bordering to qualify in “Beyond Bizarre” tv series.

I screwed up my age.

How is that possible? Here’s how I did my preposterous unfathomable blooper. As I was reading the news about the famous rapper in the Philippines Francis M. who died at the age of 44 born in 1964. I was gobsmacked by two things, his untimely death and as my eyes scrolled down the text, my eyes gawked on the birthyear 1964.

I muttered while reading word for word: born in 1964- died 2009.
Born in 1964 means 44 years of age. I was born in 1962 then that makes me 46 years old? But why the heck have I been saying all through out the time that I’m 48 years old?

Ok I’ve to admit that my heart stopped beating for a second followed by shrieks and screams- my initial violent reactions to this new discovery which was not supposed to be called a discovery as our ages are supposed to be a common information that we should know instinctively like our names. But knowing that I’m just 46 and turning 47 this June, my birthday is like winning a free ride to a time machine travelling two years back.

All along, I have considered myself, a 48 year old pushing fifty lady getting prepped up with menopausal blues, knees woobling with fear that at any time, onset of wrinkles will be more evident and getting into contemplation of hiring a cosmetic surgeon for a possible tummy tuck (or maybe not.) Entering the age of a golden girl (turning 50s) apparently is giving me a scare for some reasons. Beats me. I don’t know why.

Ok I know that Math is not one my strongest points, as a matter of fact, my mathematical ability is no better than gradeschool level. Unfortunately, it stopped right there and never moved on to the first year highschool level until now.

This is why my dependence on Brenda, my sister’s mathematical prowess as a banker to do basic computations for me is like depending on IV fluid when you’re hospitalized. Most of the mathematical equations that I am only able to do are too basic that my gradeschool nephews and nieces would gleefully solve for me. But calculating my age? This should be the only Mathematical addition that I should know, right? And yet I failed ( ofcourse!)

Probably, the fear of facing the big 5-0 has become a furtive reason for my unconcious stress or concern psychologically that I have been hiding since a year ago. Bearing 48 years old as my official age ( before this discovery)in mind, I have already listed down my plans of what to do before I reach 50, places to see, books to write, clothes to wear before I settle with the 50’sh style, rushed to diversify my career, announced on facebook, tbd and other social networking circles that I’m just two years away from being a golden girl.

Sheesh, what the heck was I thinking!

The usual common cases of people is not to realize that they are older than they thought. But in my quaint case, two years younger is an appalling yet an astounding blunder that I welcome as the greatest news happened in my life.

Two years younger means more time to take things in stride, a delay appearance of wrinkles
(not just yet), dismissing the thought of consulting a cosmetic surgeon for advice and changing my age profile on facebook ,TBD, Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger, Friendster and shouting to the whole world : hey, due to the malfunction of the mathematical side of my brain, I miscalculated my age and I officially declare that I’m only 46 not 48 as previously declared.

Though shooting the 50’s is not far from now (ok I refuse to say three years from now as I might miscalculate again!). I know I’m getting there. But no- not just yet. I still got 2 or 3 years to go? Am I right? Aahh never mind, the important thing is, I still have time.

Friday, March 6, 2009


My blog today is heartfully dedicated to a popular young rap artist/ singer, Francis Magalona who just passed away at the age of 44- battled leukemia for almost a year.

Master Rapper, as he was popularly called had touched the hearts of millions of Filipinos not only because of his artistic talents both in rap music and photography but more than that, he exemplified hope, courage and strength that inspired people suffering from the deadly disease.

His great patriotism as a Filipino enlivened his rap songs that everyone in the Philippines continue to remember. With Francis’ bright and optimistic perspective- he painted his world in a multicolored symmetrical designs reflecting as mirrors. And finally, he allowed us to take a peek through a magic tube he called a kaleidoscope world.

Please see the links for the video of Kaleidoscope World:

Kaleidoscope World
by Francis M.
So many faces, so many races Different voices,

different choices Some are mad, while others laugh

Some live alone with no better half

Others grieve while others curse And others mourn behind a big black hearse

Some are pure and some half-bred Some are sober and some are wasted

Some are rich because of fate and Some are poor with no food on their plate

Some stand out while others blend Some are fat and stout while some are thin

Some are friends and some are foes

Some have some while some have most, yeah Every color and every hue Is represented by me and you

Take a slide in the slope Take a look in the kaleidoscope

Spinnin' round, make it twirl In this kaleidoscope world

Some are great and some are few

Others lie while some tell the truth

Some say poems and some do sing

Others sing through their guitar strings

Some know it all while some act dumb

Let the bassline strum to the bang of the drum

Some can swim while some will sink

And some will find their minds and think

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My List of TV Shows that Help Me Kick Off The Coffee Habit

Shows that lighten up your heart, give you a chuckle and make your mind alert without craving for a cup of coffee.

Boston Legal : The show gives me the desire to have the number one attorney, Alan Shore as a friend for pro-bono legal services, his court room theatrics, refined wit and occasional sarcastic banter make him a shark in the courtroom. Who wouldn’t be amused by the occasional memory lapses and narcissistic demeanor of Danny Craine, Senior partner of Crane, Poole and Schmidt. Shirley Schmidt’s shining attractive beauty and grace with her past golden girl age is every woman’s envy. Watching her everytime always makes me mutter-I wanna be like her when I grow up.

Valentine: Shallow but cute.

Grey’s Anatomy: Ofcourse, who could resist Dr.Derek Shepherd? A top A-1 list for boyfriend material.

Desperate Housewives: I love the characters more than Sex and the City. More down to earth, dealing with struggles of real life suburban housewives. Would make you wish to live in that well manicured Wisteria Lane.

The Mentalist: A crime investigation with a different twist. Though quite dragging but it’s a welcome change from the usual crime investigation tv shows.

CSI Series: Vegas, Miami and New York, exactly in this order.

Reba: hilarious
CNN News: reliable and 24 hour programming
Travel and Living: “While You Where Out” my favorite, gives tons of ideas about art projects; very relaxing.
Eli Stone: You should see the first episode with George Michael, priceless.
Medium: I just love the ideal family of Allison Dubois. Patrica Arquette is a born natural actress.

TV Shows that Help Cure My Insommia. A good way to save a wad amount of money from buying sleeping pills or going to a psychotherapist.

Married with Children: What a title! I wish they had thought of a better title than that.
Las Vegas: I rather read a book than watch this.
Dexter: Come on, I wonder why are they making this type of tv show that glorifies serial killers? Not to mention that the show gives the viewing public especially the young adults different techniques of killing.
Largo: Rubbish
Betty La Fea: Ok enough with ugly women transforming into a lovely princess.
Lost: Not very encouraging to go on a tropical beach adventure.
Big Brother: This should have been petitioned to be taken off the air; digusting!
Naked News: For the first 10- minutes, this will definitely make your eyes pop out seeing news reported in frontal nudity. I repeat n-u-d-e! As a viewer, my eyes kept on jigging up and down the screen gazing at the reporter’s face or the naked body or the naked body first then the face where ever you want to look first.

Not withstanding the frontal nudity, the news reporting is not worth watching anyway with or without clothes on. It’s more like porno stars trying to turn a new leaf in their lives by shifting careers from acting in an x rated flick to news reporting. It’s utterly distasteful, appalling and a disgrace in the news reporting industry. More than anything else, it will bore you to tears.

Tell me what’s your favorite?

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Netiquette Crisis in Social Networking Circles

Few years ago, everyone went gaga over chatrooms, Mirc, YahooChat, AOL Chat and that includes me.

Through chatrooms, I’ve gathered a bunch of good friends from all over the world who became real life friends that I’ve met in person with whom I’m still corresponding up to now. Could you believe that? That was almost 10 years ago. Alongside with chat programs, ICQ Messenger, Yahoo Messenger and Msn Messengers suddenly came into the picture.

But a decade after, who would say that internet social networking will be enhanced more with sophisticated features embodied in Friendster, Flixter, Multiply, My Space, TBD ( for middle aged people) and the coolest so far-Facebook.

Currently, I’ve got Facebook, TBD and Friendster. But most of the time, I ‘m an avid user of Facebook more than the latter. I like the idea of seeing different people on my facebook page. It’s like knowing what they’re up to without the effort of prying into their private lives.

However, I’ve noticed that several times, I’ve been asked by new faces that I assume wanted to connect and socialize online with me to add them on my social networking pages to be their friends. But once I click “confirm”, I don’t get to hear a simple greeting or any message to break the ice to start an online friendly relationship with me. Ofcourse that made me give a second look at my pic to see if I appear that grotesque that they would be too embarrassed to be associated with me. But I hear myself saying: naaah I’m not.

Worse part is that even if you jump in their conversation through their newsfeed or their posts I felt like I just engaged in a monologue and talking to the wind waiting for no response.
So what’s the point of asking to add you if you don’t even engage in casual pleasantries to pave the way for new friendship? It’s as simple as now I’ve added you then what?

In fairness there are few people who really made a nice friendly gesture to reach out through exchanging messages. That’s when I realize what a social networking site is all about. But to those who ask me to add them without saying a word or two. Thanks but no thanks! I can’t stand staring at their pics on my facebook just to realize that they exist on the other side of the world.

So if you’re interested, you can friend me on facebook, but don’t forget to send me a personal message and we’ll take it from there.

Write me on and we can talk about finding each other on facebook.

Monday, March 2, 2009


Ok stop right there.

Before you raise an eyebrow and give me a stern look like as if I opened a Topless Coffee Shop Business, let me tell you first that this is not my idea of a coffee shop. But in a small town in Maine, Mr. Donald Crabtree (what a name) just opened a topless coffee shop which raised the blood pressure of his neighbors around the area.

During this economic crunch, it’s amazing how people can think of all sorts of schemes and strategies to catch up or even to survive the economic downfall. The owner claimed a Mother Teresa type of social work as he quipped: He wanted to provide work for those who got laid off. Ok assuming that I believe him. On the other hand, isn’t he exploiting those who got laid off from work as well? Therefore, this leaves the waiters and waitresses bite the bullet because it gives couple of bucks to pay the bills.

And for those coffee addicts like me, should we go there for a business meeting and tête-à-tête with a friend sipping a cup of espresso with the risk of getting slapped by 38 D boobies or getting distracted and mesmerized by a six pack well toned abs while being served?

I don’t think so. Even as Mr. Crabtree proudly reported that his topless coffee shop is filled with people since he opened, no cameras, no touching are the cardinal rules. Damn! Why flaunt if you can’t touch!

If anything else, one of the cost cutting measures that Mr. Crabtree may have taken with this business idea is that he saved big bucks for food servers’ uniform.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Espresso or Cappucino?

What usually soothes your tired nerves in the midst of a stressful day -before a job interview, a doctor’s appointment or few minutes while you anticipate your boss’s ire over a low sales report during an early morning meeting? I’m sure you usually grab the first cup of coffee available in your sight. Whether it’s brewed, espresso, latte or instant coffee it doesn’t matter as long as it gives you your daily fix for your much needed perk to keep your eyes steady-eyelids open and mind alert, right?

Just like you, I’m an unofficial coffee addict too. Unofficial since technically there’s still no diagnosis and therapy (yet) for coffee addiction ( is there?) At least I’m not on denial. I’m a self-confessed coffee addict ( thankfully not a shoppaholic but also getting there.)
But if you ask me how did I get to be a coffee addict? It started during my travel to Europe where I currently reside at the moment. Initially, I thought that drinking coffee 3 times a day is more than the required number of coffee latte I could drink down in the Philippines, where I originally come from. But to my consternation, Europe produces the most coffee drinkers in the world. Everywhere you go coffee shops proliferate like synthetic bags and plastic toys made in China. Europeans frequent small coffee shops, hip and cool Asian motiffed coffee shops and umbrella table coffee shops set practically on the street curb which are more preferred during summer.
So my predisposition to the coffee addiction was further enhanced and turbo boosted with five strong espresso a day in Southeast Europe in such a short time.

I know that there are heaps of coffee addicts out there denying that they are or maybe proud to be one or on the verge of being one. Whereever you are..whoever you are coffee addicts or not…join me in my blog and feel free to rant or ramble about anything while both of us sip fresh hot Arabica coffee. But no smoking is allowed.