Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Follow Your Yellow Brick Road

Yellow Brick Road? Remember the story of the Wizard of OZ? When Dorothy wants to find the wiz in the Emerald City? She was told to find the yellow brick road- the way that will surely get her to the elusive Wizard of Oz so she could find her way back home.

You may not be Dorothy literally looking for your way back home. But I know that there are times when you get into a situation where you experience an undefined feeling that you've lost a valued missing piece that could be in a form of a person close to you or a part of yourself that has drifted away.

Though, it may not be as massive as Dorothy's home swallowed by a tornado. But losing something that has made you complete all throughout the years, would definitely prompt you to turn your back, search around or march forward and leave no stone unturned to seek for the right answer to bring back what you're missing.

And what you should be looking for actually is the Yellow Brick Road.

Yes. The Yellow Brick Road. You know it exists but you don't know where and how to find it, right? Don't look at me. I myself also don't know where it is. I'm still on my search. But I know what I'll take with me in my Yellow Brick Road life search adventure. This is why I'm sharing it with you so we could saunter together hand in hand and make this trip an exciting life experience. Don't forget, take all of these with you and you'll never get lost on your way to the Yellow Brick Road.

Scarecrow: Did you know that humans experience as much as 70,000 thoughts each day? Perhaps, that's the reason why the scarecrow wanted a brain so bad so he could think, discern and be judicious like humans. Well, clearly, if he had a brain he wouldn't be humiliating himself hanging on crossed sticks and do a pathetic job of giving crows a scare donning his faded overalls and straw hat. Probably he'd be a dignified scarecrow- Ok still on a scaring business but in Armani suit. Huh!

Wisdom is what we need to seek all the time. We can only find it through prayers and becoming sensitive to God's voice. There's no doubt that He'll definitely guide you through. However, don't forget to astutely weigh and balance your predicament. They say that the reason why God put our brains in our head so we could use it to rule our lives with sound decisions.

The Tin Man: When I watched "The Wiz" on TV last Saturday for the umpteenth time, I still get amazed with the scene when Dorothy opened a square window on the Tin Man's chest and saw a vacuum inside. It was hollow and empty. Thankfully, we're blessed with a heart ( sorry for you Tin Man.) Then follow your heart where it leads you. Ignore what other people think about you and your decision in pursuit for happiness. You only live once. You don't want to spend the rest of your life sacrificing your happiness because other people disapprove of it. Andrew Matthews, an International speaker and author of "Be Happy" contends "Happiness is in the way you think. No one can make you happy except yourself." Know what's inside your heart. Find out what your heart desires. As soon as you know what your heart longs for, then climb the highest mountain (if you have to) to attain it. Subsequently, your beaming smile will radiate the joy coming from your heart.

The Lion: You may have the brain and the heart but without lion's courage -you won't get anywhere. Your ability to muster courage and strength will make up your unwavering character and steadfast integrity. It is through courage and strength that you can trek the rough mountain terrain, walk on hot coals in bare feet and jump over the cliff. In the same token as through courage and strength that you can rebuild your life and pick up the bits and pieces of yourself and start all over again. I read this quote once before that says "A strong woman is one who gets her heart broken time and time again and still has the strength to gather the pieces to create a new life for herself." Nothing could be more undaunted than attempting to start your life all over again. It takes a boulder sized courage and strongest character to be able to do that.

Toto: Lastly, don't forget to grab Toto a dog Terrier on your way to the Yellow Brick Road- friendly, endearing and lively dog that reminds you not to take life too seriously. Don't sweat the small stuff as they say (Ok I'm telling this to myself too.) Sprinkle a dash of humor as you meander one step at a time towards the Yellow Brick Road.

Never give up finding the road signs. Follow the arrow pointing where it leads the way. Be wise. Listen to your heart and muster some courage. Be Dorothy. Click your heels three times as you take a leap of faith and trek the Yellow Brick Road that will surely bring you back home.

Have a lovely summer! - J.A.S.