Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Grocery Carts Follow the Law of Nature

It's amazing how the law of nature applies surprisingly from regular situations to inanimate objects such as grocery carts. Grocery carts especially the ones we have in our common grocery stores in Croatia are attached by a chain that can only be released once you insert a coin. Naturally, when you return it back by attaching back the linked chain, the first thing you'll see is a coin sitting there that quietly says "take me." But that was what I exactly did this weekend. I attached back the chain and hoping to get back my coin. But there was no coin waving at me. I didn't see any.

Then, my friend curiously asked "what are you looking for?" I replied back "your coin" What coin? I didn't insert any. She continued. "I found a loose chain from an unattached cart that I just pulled out. That's why I got the cart without inserting any coin." Then I realized- so no money in- no money out.

Simple. Isn't life as simple as that? Why do we always have to complicate it?

You give love, you get love back. You show hatred. You get being hated. You show kindness. You'll experience kindness in most unexpected place and time. You share your talents. You get rewarded. When you cheat, you'll get cheated too. When you smile at somebody, that somebody will likely smile back at you.

Accept it or now, law of nature spirals to law of reaping what you sow, law of retribution or karma philosophy or even Newton's law of motion's "for every action there's an equal or opposite reaction."
W hat ever way you put it, still it will boil down to the amount you give is what it is going to be given back to you.

If we as human beings forget this basic law of life, well, the good news is that grocery carts will remind us that if you did not insert a coin, then don't expect to get a coin back.