Monday, October 31, 2011

Remembering Her.....

For most of us, this time of the year means thinking about outlandish costume to wear, coolest Halloween party to go, ghoulish makeup to put on or maybe boozing the night away.

But for us in the family when the first of November was coming close, we used to think about how we were going to make my mom's birthday party celebration a day to remember.

Considering her propensity to be particular about party details, we used to think about whether she preferred home catering service, dining out or home cooked special lunches and list of close friends to invite. In general, the aim was to make the party as festive as possible and make her the happiest birthday girl in town.
Ever since I can remember, first of November is a sacred date, a day when any excuses for not visiting my mother whether excuse is valid or not is utterly unacceptable. All of us were always expected to be at home- reporting for duty like loyal soldiers. When the party frenzy is over, we sat together at the dining table or gathered around her in bed like little chicks squeezing closer next to mother hen for warmth.

And you know what was the best part? It was the marathon of latest update about our lives. That completed my mom's special day. Well, at least before she ended her usual birthday, we always managed to make her smile and stretched her laugh lines with funny anecdotes as we massaged her arms and legs- a thing that we spoiled her with since we were little kids.

Since we got used to this routine yearly, November 1st didn't look anything exceptional for us until last year when Mom celebrated her last. Early morning that day before she got checked out after a full month's stay at the hospital due to a massive brain stroke, the nursing staff, close friends and us (her children) once again gathered around her not in her regular bed but in her hospital bed this time with birthday cake, fresh flowers, confetti and balloons feigning party mood excitement. Because deep in our hearts, we mumbled prayers of healing and life extension in a hope for another year of blissful birthday celebration.

But who are we to question God's plan for us? Apparently, His plan is way much better. Twenty two days after, He took mom to rest with Him in His kingdom.

But before that, He made her experienced her best birthday party celebration ever.
Happy Birthday Mommy! I miss you.

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