Thursday, January 5, 2012

Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down List for 2011 Part II

Sorry it took a few days before I released my thumbs down list. I just needed some time off to take down the tree and finished up left over food and ofcourse and to vegetate after the New Year frenzy.

Here it is now, the second part that I promised-my thumbs down list for 2011

1.Touch Screen
My friends keep on telling me that I’ll get used to touch screen. Ok, after using this phone for more than a month now,I am still not used to it. I don’t have a fat finger problem. But my problem is more on how hard I press the screen especially whenever I send text message and chats. It seems like the keys on the touch screen ( by the way I’m using HTC Wildfire S) are too close and the spaces are not enough for my finger to press a letter. And you could just imagine how one time it ended up like a disaster when I rushed and typed the word “clock”. That ended up as “cock.” Nice!

2.Spending Christmas Alone
Worst thing ever. This is a double thumbs down for me. The spirit of Christmas is joyous season to be with your family. But spending it alone (either because of some personal or work related reasons) will somehow make you feel the blues of the season. If you’re a home alone hater like me during Christmas, it’s sensible that you should try to attend to Christmas parties to boost your morale a bit instead of joining a pity party which I did and wasn’t even dressed up properly for it.

3.Break Up:
Gee, breaking up before Christmas is a very bad move. I know it’s inevitable and nobody schedules a breakup with your partner. Like“ honey, how about we postpone our split- up since it’s just weeks before Christmas? Can we just make our breakup one of our new year’s resolution for 2012?”

Two of my friends had a bad breakup months before Christmas. Don’t ask how their holiday went like. No amount of presents, parties and movie marathon cheered them up (ok shopping did- only temporarily though. Thankfully it did!) Basically, having friends who are heart broken during the Christmas season, made me discover a second career for myself- a Christmas mascot. For interested parties, booking is six months in advance.

4.No Internet during Christmas holiday
You gotta be kidding me. No internet during this time of the year is like having the urge to smoke without cigarettes. You’ll be irritable, sweating, struggling with headaches and swearing a lot. When all your friends, colleagues and family are on Facebook, it’s the easiest way to reach out to them and give them your Christmas greetings at the convenience of your home. Ok I know you got Facebook now on our phone. Say what you want to say but it isn’t the same as you are on the computer. If you call technical services of your network about your internet problems and you get a we’ll- fix –the- problem- after -the –holiday- response then you’re doomed. It’s like having a toothache during the two week Christmas holiday and all dentists are out for a vacation. Then, you’ll just have to take your chances on any type of pain reliever. Good luck!

5.Food Pushers
What may be acceptable to you may NOT be acceptable to us. That’s the beauty of cultural diversity. We are all not the same. Our cultural practices vary and depend on where we come from. In some countries like in the Philippines, we show guests hospitality by offering our native delicacies. We put food on the table and allow the guest to choose which ones he’d prefer to eat (ofcourse we don’t push duck embryo to our guests.) We don’t want their government to put a travel ban to the Philippines because of that. But here in Croatia, it’s the exact opposite. Hospitality and warm acceptance are exhibited by getting into your plate literally especially by the old people ( who know the art of blending the taste of Sarma-stuffed sour cabbage.) What they’d do is push you to eat what they’d put on your plate. And you’re expected to finish everything or else they’d get offended if you don’t. I know they mean well, but I never got used to food pushers. Next time, I encounter food pushers, I’ll pout. If that doesn’t work, I’d pretend I got a tummy ache.

6.Bourne Legacy

I’m an avid follower of the Bourne book series. What precipitates my adrenalin to pump up while I read is the visualization of Matt Damon as Jason into the story. Unexpectedly, the soon to be released film Bourne Legacy later this year will not leave any legacy without Matt Damon in it. I’m not saying that this upcoming movie will not be spectacular( haven’t seen the trailer yet.) I’m sure it will exceed or at least a little bit closer to the previous sequels. However, viewers like me, associate Jason Bourne with Matt Damon for years. And it’s not going to be same with a different persona.

But hey, a good movie is a good movie. Let’s wait and see if Jeremy Renner will be at par with the only Jason Bourne I know.

Now it’s your turn. Tell me what’s yours.

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