Saturday, October 5, 2013

There's More to Teaching Than What We Know

Being around not with your own biological children every single day and yet act more than just a mother and less than a baby sitter is a challenging feat. There is more than just a responsibility that goes beyond than making sure the student you handle is safe within your care. 

Once students get entrusted to a teacher, the students are hers. It is indeed the prime priority of a teacher to instill learning to children of all ages the basic knowledge that they can use to build a sound future for themselves. 

Moreover, it is supposedly the teacher's paramount goal to discover or rediscover for that matter, a student's inner potentials and skills that he can not only utilize for a bright future but to equip themselves with the basic survival skills in life.

It is indeed a tough job and yet in most places, underpaid.  Just like the soldiers, teachers deprive themselves with a big fraction of their personal time to serve and lay out a solid ground for a student's future -a binding selfless commitment of sharing a part of themselves. 

However, teachers are human too. They are not made of unbreakable steel. They falter, err and struggle with personal issues. And yet, carry themselves with invincible and vigorous bearing to inspire young souls yearning for hope that their aspirations will come to fruition one day .

It's amazing what teachers can do. With an immeasurable amount of self sacrifice, commitment and dedication to their profession, they can make you go farther than what you can envision

Suffice it to say, that teaching is more than just a vocation, it is a pledge that one professional commits to himself never to stop giving up on a student until he becomes the person he wants to be.

To all individuals who touch the hearts of students through teaching, let your light shine the path where your students should go.  Never forget that for each soul that you guide will always be well worth the effort at the end of the day.

Happy World's Teachers Day!

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well said, joyou!