Sunday, December 29, 2013

Happy New YOU!


You must be bracing yourself for the fireworks, parties and toasting at the end of the year.  But I know more than that, you are now mapping out the self evolution plan that you'd wish to happen in your life next year. New Year's Resolution is the most popular word every 31st of December.  Everyone  musters courage to make a long list of what to change in themselves for the next year. All of us want a brand new ME. To stop smoking, to stop drinking, to be more proactive, to live healthy- these are all some of the I-promise-to-do- next year in an audacious attempt to turn a new leaf. But the term New Year's Resolution can be too limited and short lived ( admit it or not.) And no guarantee of a metamorphosis happening,though sometimes, it beckons in the beginning. And yet like a tired voice it trails off as you go farther away.

I'm not implying that New Year's Resolution is a misnomer. But  the term has received a lot of beatings already since it has become disrespected, crashed, overused and abused. Plus the term itself is like a taser that sends some kind of small doses of electricity to your psychological mind which puts a lot self pressure once you revert back to your old habits not to mention that the voltage of electricity increases once guilt feelings set in.

Truthfully, who remembers your air tight promises for your New Year's Resolution in April? August? or even in October? This is why I swept out the term New Year's Resolution in favor of self evolution-a term that I deem is more appropriate, long lasting, result related and brings a transformation of a new self.

Just think about how you would want to repackage yourself for the coming year. Don't sweat it out for now. You still have until midnight of the 31st of December to ruminate about how to evolve into a new you this 2014. To help you  define your  self-evolution goals this coming year, I have gathered some terms which might enlighten you up  or give you an idea where to start. If anything else, at least remind you that there are such words exist in the dictionary. All you have to do is to use it in your new life. 
Here it goes:
regroup, decompress, refocus, realign, transformation, renew, redesign, replan, redefine, relive, recreate, rejuvenate, restart, resolve, rekindle, rebuild, redo, recovery, restoration, revive, reaffirm, reawaken, reestablish and change. I can go on and on until I use up all the words from my best friends- Thesaurus and Webster. If you have more in mind, write them down, the more  words the happier your new self will be.

Most of the words listed above begin with the prefix re which means to do it again. Clearly, we all may have accomplished these actions before but it isn't bad to do it all over again for the betterment of ourselves.  Nobody stops us to give it another shot. After all, the new year is all about rebirth and not to get stuck up with the old ways and habits we intend to leave behind.

And if just in case the message of this blog isn't clear enough? Feel free to reread it. It won't hurt to do it all over again.

Happy New Year! A brand new YOU is about to begin. Let's start now.


Anonymous said...

happy new year! i'm completely comfortable the way i am so there's no need for that new year's resolution thing :)


Anonymous said...

I'm always evolving!Forever changing!Stopped making resolutions after high school. Useless!
Great blog article, Joy!