Thursday, December 25, 2014

Where Were You Last Christmas?

Don't you just ask yourself every year, where was I last Christmas? I'm not talking about the place where you exactly were last Christmas. But where were you at that point in your life at this time of the year. Were you battling some kind of personal crisis that you successfully overcame this year? Or you were probably in a cross roads of your life where you had to make a  bold decision that thankfully turned out into a right one. Whatever you were going through last year, in retrospect, you look back and breath with a sigh of relief- that was one hell of a year.

A lot of things can miraculously happen in a span of a year. As you chronicle your journey every day. You'll witness the difference a year makes. It is a fact that everything is not permanent. Things change abruptly or gradually even with your physical appearance. You look younger than last year or you see lines emerging on your foreheads. Your psychological makeup can also change in short period of time. You eventually resolve with  a radical paradigm shift onto a new positive outlook in life.You morph from a  person concern about what other people would say  into a new individual who doesn't give a hoot at all.  Either way, you have changed one way or another.

Life evolves. It takes you to places where you have never been.  You saunter , dash, crawl, hurdle or trek through life's challenges. But at least you are moving forward or even  inching small baby steps are still movements. And it will always take you somewhere whether it's moving turtle slow or moving a gazelle like bounding leap.

As long as you don't stay stagnant. Then that's a good sign. Embrace changes as it gives you room for growth. So if last Christmas somebody gave you his heart, the very next day, just don't give it away. That would be too soon for a change. Right, George Michael?

Merry Christmas!