Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Princess Who Kisses the Frogs Kisses Again

This isn’t the fairytale that we are familiar with. But let me tell you of a story of a princess who kisses the frogs. Only that they’re not real frogs. And she’s not a real princess. She’s a real human just like you and me. And just like us, she never stops hoping that one day the frog she kisses would turn out to be the prince that she has been waiting for.

She’s quite way past the prime of her life. Though in her golden years, fortunately, she still manages to look in her late thirties. She contends that no matter how we age, we still search for Mr. Right in the same fashion as we do in our 20s. And I think she’s right.

After several occasions when she was left heart broken, a bright and optimistic lady rises above- picking up the pieces of a broken heart just like how pieces of puzzle are fitted in a wooden heart pattern. The process wasn’t easy. It's a fact that healing in any form whether it’s physical or emotional takes a great deal of time for wounds to dry up.

Sure, she goes through crying, occasional melancholic moods and feeling of emptiness especially during times when she misses being with someone. But one thing that she never fails to do is to take risks and gives herself a chance to love again. “Love is a wonderful thing . I will never give up on love.” She proudly claims.

Soon, she’s going to kiss a frog again which she hopes would turn out to be a prince. I curiously asked “What if this frog won’t turn out to be your prince?”  Then she replied “He won’t turn out to be a prince without a kiss. So I better kiss him and see what happens. If he doesn’t I’ll kiss another frog in the future, but if he does, then we’ll live happily ever after.”

Now, the princess is back.

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