Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Promises of 2013

I hope that you are starting the first day of 2013 right. At least in the best cheery and positive disposition that hopefully would carry out through the year. Every time New Year count down starts, my excitement makes my heart beat faster than when I run. My friends say maybe I'm getting a buzz from the light beer I was drinking. Yeah right. The truth is, eversince I was little this usually happens to me I get exuberant about the chance to experience a new beginning in my life. A chance to start things all over again.Choose new people I deal with. Correct the mistakes I made in the past year. Learn from them and do it once more . But differently this time.

I realized that looking back once in a while in the past is as good as looking forward too. This gives you a wider perspective of how far you have gone and how strong you have become for winning over your struggles last year.

It would always be good to focus on what's ahead- to dash to the end of 2013 with our heads straight to the finish line. Then as you reach the new year countdown again  this year, you'll have several reasons to toast and celebrate that you did a lot better this year than the last.

Claim the promises of 2013 now.

Happy New Year!

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Iva said...

I wish You all the best in New Year 2013! I don't make any promises. Greetings from Poland!