Monday, March 2, 2009


Ok stop right there.

Before you raise an eyebrow and give me a stern look like as if I opened a Topless Coffee Shop Business, let me tell you first that this is not my idea of a coffee shop. But in a small town in Maine, Mr. Donald Crabtree (what a name) just opened a topless coffee shop which raised the blood pressure of his neighbors around the area.

During this economic crunch, it’s amazing how people can think of all sorts of schemes and strategies to catch up or even to survive the economic downfall. The owner claimed a Mother Teresa type of social work as he quipped: He wanted to provide work for those who got laid off. Ok assuming that I believe him. On the other hand, isn’t he exploiting those who got laid off from work as well? Therefore, this leaves the waiters and waitresses bite the bullet because it gives couple of bucks to pay the bills.

And for those coffee addicts like me, should we go there for a business meeting and tête-à-tête with a friend sipping a cup of espresso with the risk of getting slapped by 38 D boobies or getting distracted and mesmerized by a six pack well toned abs while being served?

I don’t think so. Even as Mr. Crabtree proudly reported that his topless coffee shop is filled with people since he opened, no cameras, no touching are the cardinal rules. Damn! Why flaunt if you can’t touch!

If anything else, one of the cost cutting measures that Mr. Crabtree may have taken with this business idea is that he saved big bucks for food servers’ uniform.


Blog said...

where are the hot ladies?

Anonymous said...

if there are no ladies then this is just simply a gay bar specilized in coffee :-)