Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Netiquette Crisis in Social Networking Circles

Few years ago, everyone went gaga over chatrooms, Mirc, YahooChat, AOL Chat and that includes me.

Through chatrooms, I’ve gathered a bunch of good friends from all over the world who became real life friends that I’ve met in person with whom I’m still corresponding up to now. Could you believe that? That was almost 10 years ago. Alongside with chat programs, ICQ Messenger, Yahoo Messenger and Msn Messengers suddenly came into the picture.

But a decade after, who would say that internet social networking will be enhanced more with sophisticated features embodied in Friendster, Flixter, Multiply, My Space, TBD ( for middle aged people) and the coolest so far-Facebook.

Currently, I’ve got Facebook, TBD and Friendster. But most of the time, I ‘m an avid user of Facebook more than the latter. I like the idea of seeing different people on my facebook page. It’s like knowing what they’re up to without the effort of prying into their private lives.

However, I’ve noticed that several times, I’ve been asked by new faces that I assume wanted to connect and socialize online with me to add them on my social networking pages to be their friends. But once I click “confirm”, I don’t get to hear a simple greeting or any message to break the ice to start an online friendly relationship with me. Ofcourse that made me give a second look at my pic to see if I appear that grotesque that they would be too embarrassed to be associated with me. But I hear myself saying: naaah I’m not.

Worse part is that even if you jump in their conversation through their newsfeed or their posts I felt like I just engaged in a monologue and talking to the wind waiting for no response.
So what’s the point of asking to add you if you don’t even engage in casual pleasantries to pave the way for new friendship? It’s as simple as now I’ve added you then what?

In fairness there are few people who really made a nice friendly gesture to reach out through exchanging messages. That’s when I realize what a social networking site is all about. But to those who ask me to add them without saying a word or two. Thanks but no thanks! I can’t stand staring at their pics on my facebook just to realize that they exist on the other side of the world.

So if you’re interested, you can friend me on facebook, but don’t forget to send me a personal message and we’ll take it from there.

Write me on curica41@yahoo.com and we can talk about finding each other on facebook.

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