Friday, March 20, 2009


Have you been feeling feverish or struggling with inexplicable tiredness? Or a sudden swing of clock pendulum mood that shifts from blissful temperament at one moment then ends your day with crestfallen feeling?

Does this experience of an abrupt change of mood make you feel crabby at work that make your co-workers brand you as one of the people that they can’t stand? How often do you make mistakes on your shopping decisions or picking dingy clothes instead of bright and vibrant colors. Do you flounder unexpectedly when you do your writing?

Good news to all and sundry. If you can’t find any source of this enigmatic changes that’s overwhelming you, then, blame it on the weather.

Weather has been the most convenient excuse people use for almost everything from common embarrasing blunders to the most trivial unthinkable faux pas such as fumbling at work, ordering the wrong dressing for your salad, sleepless nights or simply having a bad day? It’s the weather, as they always say. I hear this everytime from people uttering the “maybe-because- of- the-weather chant like a mantra sans the lotus position. Why blame it on the weather? It’s easy. You can get away with it without pointing a finger to others or to yourself at least no arguments or altercations with anyone.

Poor old weather-always gets the receiving end of the people’s condemnation. But hey, something has to take the blame, right? Not yourself, not anybody. I’m sure the weather won’t take it personally if you do.Whatever kind of weather it is, it doesn’t matter. People still preceive it as a yardstick of how our mood and disposition will turn out for the day.

So, if you think that I’m not making any sense on my blog today, I say, maybe it’s because of the weather.

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