Sunday, March 15, 2009

Smart Spring Break Ideas for Family Adventures

Blogger's Note: If you're residing within Europe area, you may visit Croatia's suggested beautiful places for your Spring family adventures. This article was reprinted from TLT's school newsletter.

Spring is already beckoning. Since we’re expecting a lot of sunshine, warm days and a pleasurable ten day spring break you may have already been planning for your spring family adventures. To save you the trouble of racking your brains resolving how to keep your family attuned with nature, here are some savvy ideas for creative and productive family activities for the spring break.

1. Take a Spring Nature Walk:
A quick out of town day trip in Lika’s Plitvice and Eco Selo in Samobor in Croatia, provide a complete lush greenery to trek on. After a long nature walk, lay your picnic basket on your blanket on a green meadow and enjoy your lunch on a warm sunny day.

2.Zoo Visit: If you feel that you got enough of Maksimir Zoo, try Eco Selo in Samobor a good place to discover where your little ones are allowed to pet farm animals.

3.Flower Arts and Crafts: During times, when you feel that you need a break from outdoor activities, stay at home. Do some arts and crafts in your dinning or living room. You can do some picture frames, posters or book marks out of dried flowers, leaves, twigs and tree barks.
Display your finished products on your child’s bedroom as a souvenir for this year’s spring indoor activity.

4. Travel Light: Take a short trip to Croatia’s popular destinations such as Dubrovnik, Split and Pula. These famous places in Croatia are not jam-packed with tourists during this time of the year. Take advantage of this season as you may not have the chance to do so in summer.
A quick trip to Italy and France is not a bad idea at all. Whether you’re relishing your toothsome gelato or spinning around on a roller coaster at Disneyland, Paris, your kids would be most excited once they see you pack your bags. Just remember to travel light.

5. Blow Some Bubbles: While gardening, leave a bucket filled with water, glycerin and soap mixture to make your children occupied and engaged. This bubble solution will surely do the trick to make your kids to stay quiet- at least for the time being while you’re gardening. For a variety of bubble making activities and tips, you may check out this site:

6. Bake Some Gingerbread: The best recipe that we recommend the one we have tried and tested in our cooking activity. Please see shared recipe in the newsletter. Just one tip, if you want your children to give you a –wow-you’re-the-best-mom-reaction, make sure you use a gingerbread man shaped cookie cutter. They love imagining gingerbread man story while munching cinnamon smell gingerbread man.

7. Fly a Kite: Windy days are the best time to fly kites. Kites do not necessarily be store bought. You can make your own kites by improvising Japanese colored soft paper and bamboo barbeque sticks. For more details about the procedure of making a paper kite, here’s a site to help you out: When kite is ready to fly, go to an open field and fly your kites away.

8. Squirrel Feeding Day: Before you take a stroll in Maksimir or Ribnjak Park, make sure that you fill your pockets with walnuts. While sitting on a bench, you can spot some squirrels scouting for food. Make those walnuts ready incase, your little cute furry friends crossed your path.

9. Make a Date with the Stork: When I say this, I mean literally date with the stork. In Prekmurja, Sisak a small village called Mala Polana is known to be a stork breeding place. It was given the European Stork Village award in 1999 for nurturing a healthy habitat for 9 breeding pairs of stork. So if you have a passion for bird watching, this is the place to be. Keep your binocular handy.

There is more to family outdoor adventures than just mere fun and enjoyment. Special moments of bonding with your family nurture love and relationship. It does not matter whatever activities you choose. Go for it this spring break. Remember that a family that plays together, stays together.

Have a wonderful Spring break!

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