Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My List of TV Shows that Help Me Kick Off The Coffee Habit

Shows that lighten up your heart, give you a chuckle and make your mind alert without craving for a cup of coffee.

Boston Legal : The show gives me the desire to have the number one attorney, Alan Shore as a friend for pro-bono legal services, his court room theatrics, refined wit and occasional sarcastic banter make him a shark in the courtroom. Who wouldn’t be amused by the occasional memory lapses and narcissistic demeanor of Danny Craine, Senior partner of Crane, Poole and Schmidt. Shirley Schmidt’s shining attractive beauty and grace with her past golden girl age is every woman’s envy. Watching her everytime always makes me mutter-I wanna be like her when I grow up.

Valentine: Shallow but cute.

Grey’s Anatomy: Ofcourse, who could resist Dr.Derek Shepherd? A top A-1 list for boyfriend material.

Desperate Housewives: I love the characters more than Sex and the City. More down to earth, dealing with struggles of real life suburban housewives. Would make you wish to live in that well manicured Wisteria Lane.

The Mentalist: A crime investigation with a different twist. Though quite dragging but it’s a welcome change from the usual crime investigation tv shows.

CSI Series: Vegas, Miami and New York, exactly in this order.

Reba: hilarious
CNN News: reliable and 24 hour programming
Travel and Living: “While You Where Out” my favorite, gives tons of ideas about art projects; very relaxing.
Eli Stone: You should see the first episode with George Michael, priceless.
Medium: I just love the ideal family of Allison Dubois. Patrica Arquette is a born natural actress.

TV Shows that Help Cure My Insommia. A good way to save a wad amount of money from buying sleeping pills or going to a psychotherapist.

Married with Children: What a title! I wish they had thought of a better title than that.
Las Vegas: I rather read a book than watch this.
Dexter: Come on, I wonder why are they making this type of tv show that glorifies serial killers? Not to mention that the show gives the viewing public especially the young adults different techniques of killing.
Largo: Rubbish
Betty La Fea: Ok enough with ugly women transforming into a lovely princess.
Lost: Not very encouraging to go on a tropical beach adventure.
Big Brother: This should have been petitioned to be taken off the air; digusting!
Naked News: For the first 10- minutes, this will definitely make your eyes pop out seeing news reported in frontal nudity. I repeat n-u-d-e! As a viewer, my eyes kept on jigging up and down the screen gazing at the reporter’s face or the naked body or the naked body first then the face where ever you want to look first.

Not withstanding the frontal nudity, the news reporting is not worth watching anyway with or without clothes on. It’s more like porno stars trying to turn a new leaf in their lives by shifting careers from acting in an x rated flick to news reporting. It’s utterly distasteful, appalling and a disgrace in the news reporting industry. More than anything else, it will bore you to tears.

Tell me what’s your favorite?

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