Sunday, March 1, 2009

Espresso or Cappucino?

What usually soothes your tired nerves in the midst of a stressful day -before a job interview, a doctor’s appointment or few minutes while you anticipate your boss’s ire over a low sales report during an early morning meeting? I’m sure you usually grab the first cup of coffee available in your sight. Whether it’s brewed, espresso, latte or instant coffee it doesn’t matter as long as it gives you your daily fix for your much needed perk to keep your eyes steady-eyelids open and mind alert, right?

Just like you, I’m an unofficial coffee addict too. Unofficial since technically there’s still no diagnosis and therapy (yet) for coffee addiction ( is there?) At least I’m not on denial. I’m a self-confessed coffee addict ( thankfully not a shoppaholic but also getting there.)
But if you ask me how did I get to be a coffee addict? It started during my travel to Europe where I currently reside at the moment. Initially, I thought that drinking coffee 3 times a day is more than the required number of coffee latte I could drink down in the Philippines, where I originally come from. But to my consternation, Europe produces the most coffee drinkers in the world. Everywhere you go coffee shops proliferate like synthetic bags and plastic toys made in China. Europeans frequent small coffee shops, hip and cool Asian motiffed coffee shops and umbrella table coffee shops set practically on the street curb which are more preferred during summer.
So my predisposition to the coffee addiction was further enhanced and turbo boosted with five strong espresso a day in Southeast Europe in such a short time.

I know that there are heaps of coffee addicts out there denying that they are or maybe proud to be one or on the verge of being one. Whereever you are..whoever you are coffee addicts or not…join me in my blog and feel free to rant or ramble about anything while both of us sip fresh hot Arabica coffee. But no smoking is allowed.


Blog said...

Hey, i'm a self-professed coffee addict too!

i prefer hot fresh brew and smoke please!

Blog said...

oooppps by the way, i heard that coffee can cure alzheimer :D